heart-led healing for heart-led humans

Hi, I'm Emma...

I am an intuitive coach and advanced hypnotherapist working with people who are committed to their journey of intentional, purposeful, wide awake, and heart-led living.

I am here to hold space for the expansion of boundless love, for those who are called to breathe more life into the fire in their belly, to seek deeper connection with self and so, to the world around them, and to remember the truth of who they are.

Working with me through coaching and hypnotherapy, are for you, if you:

  • Sense or know that there is more joy, more love and more freedom available to you – whatever that might look like to you.
  • Are ready to meet yourself, connect within, and hold yourself.
  • Are ready to build self trust and self love.
  • Are ready to raise your awareness of self.
  • Are ready to feel what it is to BE and to be yourself.
  • Are ready to create space within.
  • Are ready to try a new way of living, one led by your soul.
  • Are ready to dig deep, peel back the conditioning and unleash the truth of who you are.
  • Are ready to have a calm competence for weathering any turbulence ahead.
  • Are ready to allow your true authentic self, shining your brilliance, loving what you do and making a difference.Book a free discovery call

A love story:

I fell in love with coaching and hypnotherapy in 2017 when I can only describe what I was feeling as frustrated, lost and stuck, all tangled together in a knot in a very noisy mind. I wasn’t feeling good in a lot of ways and the impact was negative in many areas of my life, particularly in my work and in my mental health.

 I absolutely had a sense that I needed help to figure ‘it’ out. Despite knowing I ‘should’ be happy with my beautiful life, something wasn’t adding up and I didn’t feel like I was being true to myself. I couldn’t shake the feeling of ‘there has to be more to life than this?’ and I had this energy and knowing that it was time to get to the bottom of it and move forward.

This was the beginning of my journey of doing ‘the work’ – of peeling back the layers of conditioning, growing my awareness of my patterns and behaviours, connecting with myself on a deeper level and healing – allowing myself to step more and more into my true, authentic self each day. Perhaps it sounds familiar to you?

Along the way I have worked with therapists, coaches and hypnotherapists. I’ve experienced ecstatic dance healing, breath work sessions, cacao ceremonies, sound healing, and more I’m sure. Each time, a new realisation, another deep soul remembering, a nudge towards alignment, self acceptance and self compassion. All of this to say, there is no one way to journey through this life, this journey is yours but the power of having space held for you by someone who deeply cares, is pure magic.

When someone holds space for you to; explore your conscious thoughts and your discover your subconscious mind, define what you want, understand your motivations, realise your strengths, overcome your obstacles, align with your values, create opportunities and discover the way forward. The way forward for you. Your path that is true to you.

If you’re just getting started  on your own personal development, why not download my free ‘unwind your mind’ toolkit.

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I believe people are happier, healthier and more fulfilled when they’re living with intention, when their actions are purposeful and when they’re focussing on what really counts to them, in alignment with their values and their soul’s truth and purpose. 

Are you committed to...

your wellbeing, joy and sense of self?

overcoming obstacles and achieving your dreams?

Self discovery, conscious awareness and connection?

re-igniting the fire in your belly and living intentionally?

work with me

I am currently working with clients on a 1:1 basis via zoom using a blend of modalities.
Your circumstances and needs are as unique as you are. I work with a flexible and responsive approach depending on your wants and needs; sometimes this will mean sessions are deep, conscious, coaching conversations, other times it may be dynamic hypnotherapy, inner child work, teaching, experiential sessions, NLP, and other modalities, oftentimes they are a beautiful mixture, taking a pluralistic and organic approach to your healing, self-discovery and alignment journey. This journey is all yours, led by you and intuitively supported by me, my toolkit and experience. Sessions are weekly, online via zoom and each last between 45 -90 minutes. WhatsApp voice note support is offered between sessions and if we are working with hypnotherapy, audios are provided between sessions to consolidate shifts and awaken more of your truth.

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Get in touch

If you want to explore how working with me could help you make the changes you want to see, get in touch using the form below to book a free consultation call or e-mail me at hello@emmahumphreycoaching.com or call me on 07817802569