Navigating a healing journey: how to start & 3 signposts

When they say the healing journey is not linear, they’re not kidding. Not only is it non-linear, it’s also a path never trodden before, it is yours to carve out and find your own way. It is completely unique to you.

I can promise you, there will be twists and turns, pauses, complete halts, speeding along, moments of trudging through, choosing to go slow & not being sure which way you are going. 

I don’t doubt there will be times when you wonder if you took a wrong turn, uphill sections that feel super tough, downhill parts where you feel out of control and also downhill parts where you enjoy the wind in your face. The journey of inner healing really is as unique to you as your lived experience. 

Navigating it then, is all about finding what works best for you. 

When I look back, unbeknownst to me, my healing journey began 7 years ago during my very first coaching session, at a time when I was simply trying to feel better and improve my sense of wellbeing. 

With the benefit of hindsight, I can now see all the moments along the way, working with different practitioners and modalities, where a piece fell into place. All now serving to create a crystal-clear picture of my purpose; to support women to feel well, live well and be well, whatever that looks like to them. 

What is a Healing Journey? 

If you are reading this, you’re likely already on your healing journey, whether or not you would call it that or acknowledge it as such. 

People begin their journey of healing for many reasons and at different times;

  • During or after a period of ‘rock bottom’ – perhaps ill health, a period of intense stress or burn out
  • At a time of life transition; a new job, promotion, redundancy, job loss, a house move, a re-location, divorce, relationship breakdown, bereavement, becoming a parent. 
  • When you answer the desire for change in the pit of your stomach, having a sense that there is MORE you want in life, and you are wanting to embody yourself more fully.  

A healing journey is really a commitment to:

  • Self-discovery
  • Making change through aligned action
  • Self-compassion and consistently meeting yourself where you are at
  • Taking radical responsibility for self 

For those who have been on the journey for a while, some would describe it as a journey of self-transformation, others a coming home to the truth of who you are. Some may see it as the road to releasing all that no longer serves you and others moving towards a sense of implicit wholeness and self-acceptance. Dare I say, to finding inner peace. 

I know when I began mine, I had no concept of what I was embarking on, simply a sense of ‘there has to be more to life than this!’ and a fire in my belly to feel better in my life and a preparedness to begin.

Gaining perspective


How to start your Healing Journey? 

Honestly, if you’re reading this article – you’ve already started. You’re here because there is perhaps a sense or an awareness that something in your life isn’t really the way you want it to be. 

Awareness, the simple noticing of what is, is all you need to begin. 

The next step is to take the step you’re called to take. Whatever it is. Just to step and do it. Without judgement. Only curiosity. 

Why so vague…? 

There is no ‘right’ way or ‘one size fits all’

There are 8 billion people on this planet, that is 8 billion different lived experiences, that is also 8 billion different healing journeys.

There really is no golden bullet, no ‘right’ way on this journey, only YOUR way.

Now I appreciate that may not be particularly helpful if you feel like you’re wanting to get started and if you want some genuine guidance. I would say the main thing is, if you are looking for a person to support you – find someone that you vibe with, find someone who you can get along with or that you simply feel drawn to.

You might choose to work with a coach to support you in identifying your values, the areas you would like to make changes in and to help you with an aligned action plan to move forward. 

You might choose to work with a hypnotherapist to help you to start or build a relationship with your inner child or to release beliefs that no longer serve you. 

You might choose to read some self-help books or listen to podcasts. You might choose to journal your thoughts, to start a meditation practice, or go to an ecstatic dance event. Maybe you will try some shadow work or mirror work. You might speak to a therapist about your experiences. You might investigate plant medicine. You might attend breathwork. The list of ways to move through your journey is limitless. 

Trust your intuition when it comes to next steps. Know that everything is simply an opportunity to learn more about yourself. It’s okay to pivot and change direction whenever it feels good to you. 

It’s okay to rest

Entering in to a period of self-development, self-discovery, or self-transformation can be a seriously exciting time. It can be a time of action, of moving forward, of revelations. 

In moments, it can also feel alot. You are learning a lot of things about yourself for the first time, you are piecing things together, you may be accessing old traumas & new emotions. It’s okay to rest, to pause. You don’t have to be constantly ‘waking up’. 

In fact, it’s a good idea to let things settle, to integrate as you go. It’s important to lead through the process with mindfulness and self-compassion. 

Know that you’re not alone

The journey of inner healing can feel a lonely one at times & no one should have to navigate their healing journey alone. Whether it’s seeking guidance from a trusted friend, working with a professional coach or therapist, or finding solace in online communities, having support along the way can make all the difference. 

Remember, there is strength in vulnerability and courage in asking for help. By reaching out and connecting with others who understand and empathize with your journey, you can find comfort, validation, and valuable insights that propel you forward. 

What is your next step?

If you take away one action from this article, I offer this. Find a quiet space and a few minutes to close your eyes. Turn your attention inwards. Quiet your mind and simply ask yourself, ‘what action would move me 1% forward today’?

Trust that whatever comes up, is well worth listening to. In fact, this whole journey is about building self-trust, so that’s a great place to begin. 

If you are ready to move forward and embark on a deep, conscious 1:1 self-discovery journey  and breathe more life into the fire in your belly and to release the patterns, beliefs and behaviours that no longer serve you and are looking for some support – book in for a free discovery call to see how coaching and hypnotherapy can help you.